About Us

Who are these people and where do they come from?

Well I’ll tell you!

Juliana S. Park was born in 1980 to Helen and Francis Park in Seoul, Korea. She is the youngest of two children, the elder being Moses Park. At age 5, her family immigrated to the great state of California and settled in the San Gabriel Valley hamlet of Montebello. It is an undisputed fact that she had a higher GPA and SAT score than Ben. Upon receiving her high school diploma, she then attended the University California of San Diego. After that diploma, she got another at CalArts (she has 3!). She currently works as an artist at Walt Disney Television. She loves animal youtube clips, salt and pepper shakers, and making weird voices.

Benjamin J. Lee was also born in 1980 to Samuel and Hyung Lee in Arcadia, California. He is the youngest of 3 children, Ken and Jen (yes my parents named us Ken, Jen and Ben. Yes my dad always would shout out Jen at me confusing our names, and yes they weren’t that creative in naming us differently). Ben has the pleasure of having both the lowest GPA and SAT scores of all 3 kids. After graduating from Arcadia High School, he then attended Art Center College of Design for the vague major of ‘Illustration’. Ben loves beer, the consumption of beer and other fermented liquids, the Lakers, catch-as-catch-can wrestling, bicycles and finding ways to communicate via random youtube clips instead of actual words. He really appreciates the fact that he can type whatever he wants here.


How did you guys meet?

The time and place is recorded as December 21, 2007. The time however, depending on BAC levels, is disputed. Ben remembers showing up to a Christmas party, hosted by Richard Kim, early. He then left to attend a company Christmas party in downtown. Upon realizing that the male/female ratio was insufficient,  he then decided to return to Richard’s party. Upon returning, he was introduced to someone’s ‘artistfriendthatyoushouldtotallymeetandyouguyswould getalongbecauseyou’rebothartists’ friend. Immediately upon meeting and hitting it off, he offered her a glass of prosecco and a business card (seemed like a good idea at the time). To Ben, it seemed like he was hitting on her. To Juliana, however, she mistook his chattiness and business card dishing merely as a potential employer looking to utilize her animation skills. Luckily, Ben was so important to her career that when she lost the first 2 business cards, she remembered to keep asking him for more. Luckily, one ‘stuck’ and if you want to know what that means we’ll gladly tell you when we see you.

Long story short, they eventually went to go eat korean food and watch a movie and now they’re getting married.

How did he propose?

Ben put the ring in a grocery bag. He wanted her to put the groceries away and find the ring. Juliana opted to eat food instead. He put the bag on the table and proposed.